today is celebration day of birthday that occured last October 17th.
may Allah swt blesses us, the people, the activities, and everything get better in our family
my apologize for couldn't come to our home, I just arrived from Bandung Raya for an event.
whereas, I want to restore a pen, belongs to kak Adek. we met at EHEF last Sunday, when I listened to her explanation about her study in Sweden she dropped her pen, and I reached it. after all, I didn't realize that I bring it home -__-
and now it's still with me ._.


Where is The Human?

I was sitting at the corner, next to the back window in public minivan (Angkot) when I threw my sight to night view of Bandung. the mini van stopping by to drop a passenger, like usual, here in Indonesia, the minivan's driver was freely dropping and taking the passenger wherever they want to. markers are only for properties of the road.
back to the story, when the minivan stops, I saw something which made me think "Thanks God (Alhamdulillah) for this life You give me"
I saw two mans sitting next to each other. the first man was middle-aged, wrinkles on his face showed that he had a long and tiring journey today. the other man is younger than before. both of them looks very exhausted.

I saw when they shared a bottle of mineral water.
Meanwhile, I hugged my bowl of salad which I just bought. tightly.

then I think.
Why people could be so greedy in other place? have they ever seen the other people who could sharing the things they have, everyday? without any violence, without scrambling.
Why don't they try, or we try, to loving each other?
you may said that you only live once, yes you can. live your life. but remember, you live with another human.
and then the question for me, for you, for all humanity in this universe (if you read this post), is it worth we named "human" when our humanity is questionable??
yah, it is just my random-night-post. when I hugged my Salad, I know I could do something to fix this situation, but I just don't know how to start. I hope all of you, keep your morality, kindness, bring God with you, whatever your faith. then God will do the rest. do your best not only for you, but for your environment