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maintenant, j'apprends français donc je peux augmenter mes capacités dans la littérature
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droite - gauche
jambe - tete - visage
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hai. gue lagi nyoba ngepost pake bahasa inggris nih. jangan khawatir, jiwa gue tetep ndeso kayak biasanya kok. cuma pengen terlihat "berbeda" aja. hahaha pret. enggak ding. cuma iseng. go with the flow. apa yg bisa gue ungkapin pake english ya pasti gue tulis english, kalo mager ya bahasa indonesia. kalo mager akut, ya enggak bakal dipost. gitu aja :3

Collaborative Manufacturing: Quirky & Shapeways

this is a poster to complete my task in Planning&Controlling Production Subject
and I will tell you a little info from what I have done.

this is pure my opinion after I tried to read many articles which talk about Q&S. but I warned you that I am not going to explain everything, I like to tell you simply and I hope you could understand what I said, and fix something if it isn't good :)

initially I have to tell you about Planning&Controlling Production.
in company when we produce something, we have to planned it first. it purpose is to have the work under control, not having too much production or less. that is the red line of the subject.

the poster is discussing about collaborative manufacturing. in general why collaborative manufacturing does exist? because not all companies could finish their product by itself. sometimes we need to collaborate with the other companies.
and I take Quirky and Shapeways for the article.

is the company who concern in daily life activities. they produce ideas to make inventions that could bring daily activities in easier way

is a 3D printing company, work with modern machine and automation

Q & S
they collaboration is when Quirky make a new inventions and Shapeways do the 3D printing. Quirky have a good taste of making design, and Shapeways could finished a complex shape
 and as far as I know when they planned to produce a product it could be passing five steps, such as:
1. Dealing, Quirky and Shpaeways make an agreement about something they gonna do.
2. Discussion, is a phase that Quirky explained Shapeways all the properties could need from the product
3. Simulation, design was made from 3D software or CAD so it must pass the simulation to know any information of product such as what material could use for it, where's the fatigue point after use for many times, etc.
4. Production Time, it's time for Shapeways, let God do the rest
5. Marketing, is how the products coming to your life

ya, its all I have to you about Quirky and Shapeways, it's just my opinion.
and all the content in this post, I made it my self after I read the article from internet. tee-hee

main source :

Could I ?

Hello fellas, how's today? Hopes everything gone good.
I want to share my daily activities with random English, so wherever you are you can understand about what I gonna tell you

okay. I am a scholar of an Independent Institute in Bandung, Indonesia. and this is my second year.
I've finished my last exam, and now it's time to results come appear.
in next couple days...... yeah this could make me paranoid.... I will, let's say it will Work Practice.

for next six weeks, I will able to meet in PT. Pupuk Kujang Cikampek.
So what will I do?
I have no idea.

this morning, Mrs. Murni said that "geladi" (how we called this program) is purposed to introduce us how to be an employee in a company. sounds like adaptation about work environment.
yeah, it has a very well purposed. but, I have a bad feeling. I told you it makes me paranoid.

it's frightened me, I'm freakin out
how if I could understand what the preceptor said, how if I couldn't finished my job desk, how if I do the wrong. how if everything goes bad......................

I am 19 years old, and this year gonna be my 20
and....... changing from 19 to 20 is the most scariest thing
I am getting old, so does my mind, but...... I don't want to leave cartoon
people nowadays are so freak.
they could eat their friend's head to get everything they want, they could do everything to fill they favor

I am on my way to be an adult, working to wage, but. could I?
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