Could I ?

Hello fellas, how's today? Hopes everything gone good.
I want to share my daily activities with random English, so wherever you are you can understand about what I gonna tell you

okay. I am a scholar of an Independent Institute in Bandung, Indonesia. and this is my second year.
I've finished my last exam, and now it's time to results come appear.
in next couple days...... yeah this could make me paranoid.... I will, let's say it will Work Practice.

for next six weeks, I will able to meet in PT. Pupuk Kujang Cikampek.
So what will I do?
I have no idea.

this morning, Mrs. Murni said that "geladi" (how we called this program) is purposed to introduce us how to be an employee in a company. sounds like adaptation about work environment.
yeah, it has a very well purposed. but, I have a bad feeling. I told you it makes me paranoid.

it's frightened me, I'm freakin out
how if I could understand what the preceptor said, how if I couldn't finished my job desk, how if I do the wrong. how if everything goes bad......................

I am 19 years old, and this year gonna be my 20
and....... changing from 19 to 20 is the most scariest thing
I am getting old, so does my mind, but...... I don't want to leave cartoon
people nowadays are so freak.
they could eat their friend's head to get everything they want, they could do everything to fill they favor

I am on my way to be an adult, working to wage, but. could I?

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