Heavy Weeks

I think I am currently in the lowest point of studying (study-dying) engineering.
I feeling tired frequently, I am sleepless. I think my stamina is going down while my activities are going up and up again.
That's why sometime (or most) I leave them all and finally realize that I am only ignore them. and they are accumulate in the same time which called deadline.
And then? I am dying again. with all of my body spread in cold room.
and the weather is very unfriendly, and my last problem with my special friend was end up with "not-being-as-one-anymore"
for several weeks, could me sooooo hard for me. it should be more interesting when we have many activities to diverting mind, right?
but, I don't think so...
yeah, maybe for a while.
I hope these thing going better soon :)
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