Talking To Strangers: Red Zone Bandung

Last week I went to a shopping center in Bandung. People called this place "King". This is a place when you looking for all variant of clothes, male and female. Beside, accessories also available here.
I wasn't look for any suits, I was come for watch and bag.
I've been there before, in November 2013, and I bought a bohemian watch and a vintage sling bag. Got them from a street vendor.

I give you a draw of these Street Vendors (in Indonesia called PKL or Pdeagang Kaki Lima).
Located in Jalan Kepatihan, Jalan Dalem Kaum, and around A Great Mosque of Bandung.
They were really in Jalan (Street, where the vehicles passing trough).
They built a kiosk by the unused wooden beam for the structure. And use tarpaulin for the ceiling and covered them from the sunlight or rain. The bag, watch, bracelet, and other accessories were hanging by the beam. and most of them were laying on the table. The vendors were sit behind the display table, waiting for the seller, like me.
these kiosks were next to each other. So, when you can't find a stuff that you like in one kiosk, you can easily move to the next to it, perhaps you'll find what you like with low price
and the most important is, you can do negotiation with the vendors to get the deal with the price.

But, at the moment, after I put my first step in that place, the environment was so different.
The one I can see is the vehicle. Really? They were gone.
And then Me and two friends visit to ATM. while they in ATM, I asked two guys stand around.
The One was Parking Guy with orange suit, and the other I wasn't sure, I thought he was his friend.

Me : "Excuse me, Sir. where are the vendors? I'm looking for watch and bag"
Parking Guy (PG) : "They were affected by the Government eviction"
Me : "Really? Where they're now? Maybe in somewhere?"
The Other (TO) : "Most of them are laid, The Government made this place as a red zone (forbidden for street vendors), they give the vendors a new place in Gedebage. But the vendors rejected. Because, there are so many vendors which already there. If they move, How would that be?"


and the TO-guy keep saying....
TO : "the buyer wont come to Gedebage. Because it is not a center of the town (Bandung). Just like here. Too far from anywhere"
PG : "Bandung Societies are Rich People. They don't buy things from street vendor" (he said with little bit anger, cynically)
Me : "Not really, Sir. Unfortunately I am not from here. I'm from Jakarta. And as a college student, I prefer shopping here than the Mall. hehe"
PG : "Oh, yes. and anyone who buy from the street vendor in the red zone will be warn, and then they get punishment. Paying for a million rupiahs"
Me : "Oh, I see. Ok thank you, Sir. I hope for the best will come to you, and specially the vendors. Thank You"
PG & TO : "Oh, You're welcome"


Oh, Man.
I can't say.
Beside, I want this city better than before. No traffic, no carelessly bottleneck vehicles cause of the St. Vendors.
But the other side, these people need to fulfill their life. They also have family. They keep selling.


But, shopping in street vendor in Indonesia is a culture. And we have to change it. Discipline, in anything. For anyone. The vendors, the buyers, and the government. People behind the core process or support.
And I hope everything will change to a better way. Especially for Bandung. And then You, Indonesia.
Hah, what a heavy content tonight.


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