Random Quiz on Internet

This morning I tried other random quiz on BuzzFeed.
But, today I also tried quiz on Disney, so here it is.

Quiz: Which Romantic Disney Scene Do You Belong In?

the day is launched a day before, so all I can say it is sooo fresh.

and after answer some question, here's the result.

"Ah, romance. There are swoon-worthy moments threaded throughout most of our favorite Disney movies, and they are all simply magical. Whether it’s dinner under the stars or a sweet serenade, love is everywhere. It’s time out to find out which romantic Disney scene you belong in!"

You got Elizabeth and Will get married in the rain!

You are meant to be in the ultimate romantic rain scene from Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

All I can say: IT IS MY FAVORITE, the movie, the scene, them actor&actress, are just flawless. end of story

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