Man On The Bus

this story happened about 2 days ago where I met someone new and "something" behind him. and I am trying to use English, you may laugh if it is necessary .

it was take a place on the bus where I was headed to Bandung, because the class is begin in the following day. the bus set off at 4 pm, I put my backpack next to me, so anybody couldn't take a place. after everyone aboard, I thought it was safe and I put the backpack below my knees and keep listened music by headset. still in margonda st, it was light traffic and the bus keeping straight in the left side and slow the bus down. the man come appear from the front door, and take the seat after me. "Oh God. this not my lucky day" I thought.

along the road, I never talk to the man. I keep focused on my music, sometime sleep, and look around the wet road cause of rain.

i remember, there were in 57 km highway, the bus stop in a rest area, to refill the gasoline, and the man after me also out of bus (I think) for take some fresh air, and buy some meals, gorengan haha.
and when he came back, the bus also move the trip on. and I don't realized that he invited me to talk.

Oh God. "I'm sorry Sir" I said.
he asked me if I have a portable charger for his phone, but I haven't.
and he asked me where I study, so I answered him "I am in IT Telkom Sir, and you?" Asking back.
"I am in UI" He said. "what major?"
"Industrial Engineering, Sir, second year" I answered him with a little smile.

Oooh... "That's very Good", He said. thanks by the way.
"are you first year student, second or what? I asked him back.
"Oh, I am lecturer" He smiled.
Damn. How impolite I am. I said to myself.

we talk along the rest of journey. and He is a Lecturer Faculty of Economic in University of Indonesia.

he always start the conversation. I was feeling so bad because my attitude wasn't very good to be copied.
he asked me how was my college. and he asked my name and he also told his name. and his name was *niiiit*'

I censored the name for privacy, not for anything else.
I tried to hide, ok not hiding at all, something like hiding, something, from him. I wont him looks me like I am an idiot student, but. I felt Failed.
when he said "I know, you have a younger brother, right?"

"Yes, Sir, hahaha, where do you know by the way?"
"I can read you, I am also a Psychologist" he said while smiling.
"hahahahaha" I laughed widely, absolutely don't know what I have to do at the time.

we talk about my college, UI, and when he was a student.
and the prize, he was told me about a little secret (I think) about lecturers. hahaha but sorry those were the second privates :p

overall he is a nice guy. he also a sociable person. indeed I am not study in UI, but I can be friends with him. even I don't have any contact of my true lecturers in Telkom, but him? hahaha.

back to the story, and we almost arrived at Leuwi Panjang bus station. he gave me a pair of his ID Card. I took them and directly put in my pocket. and he took a sack of Rambutan.
"This is for you"
"Oh, No. it must be for your parent. and I am not gonna ruin it, Sir"
"There are any, and take this with you"
"Thank you, Sir"
done. He gave me Rambutan. hahaha.
and the bus stopped. we have shaking hands and we say good bye each other.

at my kost, I put the ID Card and I was so surprised by his achievements, he also a very educated person. I read clearly, he is a lecturer, a motivator, a builder, etc. and one of his duty is in AIESEC *deg*

too much things about him that amazed me, I just thanked for this meeting moment.
it could rise my passion to chase faster all of my dreams.

is that simple. it was planned by a Creator. Alhamdulillah.

Rambutan dari Pak Dosen, kata Zahra ini namanya Rambutan ah lupa. yang doyan buaji, zahra, karena rambutan ini didapat dengan cara yg tak terduga, gue jadi ikutan makan. padahal ga doyan2 amat hahaha

my pleasure to meet you Sir.

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