Personality Test on Internet

Today I took a test on internet.
and I found these interesting, and I decided to post the result tonight, just fyi ;)
(and just because it really fits to my personality, and what I want too! haha)

1st Test
What Type of Woman Are You Really?

"You are a true independent woman! You love and live for accomplishing goals on your own. You don't like to rely on others for a thing you can do by yourself, but you also know there's no shame in asking for help from time to time. You take great pride in your many accomplishments, because you know they are yours and no one else's. You go girl !!"

2nd Test

Which Greek Goddess are you?

(and I really really love this!)

"You are the Goddess of love. (APHRODITE !!!)
Many would call you vain but you just find yourself to be very confident in how you look. Is that such a bad thing? You enjoy attention from others and are very outgoing! Sure, sometimes you get jealous when you don't get the attention you want but who doesn't? "

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