2015's Frist Post was telling about 2014


How are you?

I don't have a specific moment to share, but I think I should type something to this blog.
Well, last night I scroll back my blog, and found that 2014 wasn't good enough year for my blog, hm....
I only posted nine stories.
But, if I looked back, 2014 was a very-busy-year I guess.
the odd semester (semester ganjil) run with Laboratory Assistant Recruitment. and yeah, I'm in. I became one of SIPO Laboratory Assistant. Pretty good, eh?!
but in the very beginning of that semester, I faced three practicum activity which two of them had weekly task called Progress Report.
Combining powers with my class-mate Eman and Ahong, they really helped me. Guys, you're da best!
in the middle of recruitment session they could do backing-up all the task. sometime I only gave the instruction and both were executor, but the other time we switch formation.
The result wasn't really high, but we were satisfied. Thanks vro!
and also, have an experience in Surabaya, new friends means new relation wassssss great!

and mid year was time for internship. Kerja Praktik.
I don't have a exciting story about this one so let's go to the even semester (Semester Genap).

The Even Semester, I am not sure.
my life full of lecturing, tasks, practicum, and laboratories.
but for my Last Project, hm, had a bad record.
and yeah, wishes on my Birthday. thanks <3 p="">because of those Laboratory activities,
I know someone giving special attention to me. and I love that. I (start to) love him, too. I learning for it.
and we working on it.

Welcome 2015.
This is the right time to fix everything.
I really have a bad situation, start something but not finish.
I feels lost in the other day. I tried to tied myself to Some*** strong but failed. All I can do is nothing.
and 2015 will not excuse on it.
"Saya percaya bahwa Tuhan tidak pernah tidur, Tuhan Maha Melihat segalanya"

Innalaha ma'ana.
Wassalam, and Cheerio! :)

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