Merah Putih di Benua Biru by Erditya Arfah

late over a year...

Siapapun Dapat Menjadi Duta Bangsa

today I'm in my holiday and I have a little plan for spending it well.
when I was in Bandung with my friends, I visited Gramedia. I just accompanied them at the time. while they looked for their want, i decided to looking around. till i found a book in shelves randomly.

Tarrrra !!

Merah Putih di Benua Biru

it is a journey novel, I think.
the book is not covered by plastic anymore so I can open it to know more.
the title of the book is "Merah Putih di Benua Biru".
I read it from the middle part of the book.
page by page. I remember that I read it for five or six page. I'm enjoying it.

my friends called me, they want to leave the bookstore because they have done their bussiness.

directly, I flipped the paper to the last chapter of the book.
I read the Epilog.
quickly, but I can catch the meaning.
I promise to buy this book, but not now because I have no enough money was.

in Depok, I went to Gramedia anymore, before it I went to Gunung Agung and there's no left stock for me.
but in Gramedia I found it!
by employee's help, the last five.
three with plastic cover and two uncovered.
I choose the best form, hehe.

I bought it with my own money. and I'm glad to having it.

January 19th 2012

yes, I love your first book Erditya Arfah.
honestly, I'm not a girl who loves or mad with activity called read. but your book is so special.
I'm fall in love at the first sight, with your "Epilog".
and when I read the whole book, yes its also amazed me.

thanks to tell me how beautiful Indonesia is.
thanks to make me know about Poland.
thanks to makes me envy with your nerd trip.
thanks to make my spirit up and up again.
the author : Erditya Arfah

kakak Erdit, I love you..
wait, what?? I mean your book!! :D

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