September 9th 2011

Friday - Sept. 9th 2011 - 09.04 witt.
K Building, Telkom Institute of Technology, Bandung - Indonesia.

Hello there.
this post is belong to me.
initially, Happy Birthday to me, happy 18th to me, and once more happy birthday.
this is the first birthday when I'm not in my home, with my freaky-missed-family, with my mom and my beary-daddy, and my fatty-fat-brother and all my best.
this is also the first time when I'm crying in my birthday.
last night, my mom was texted me, and she was the first lovable-person to tell me birthday (mama pertamaxxx).
and big thanks for all of you  which tell me birthday today. greeting, hopes, and pray, may Allah hears our prays.
pray for me and for all of you. Amiin.

One thing. I've disappointed with someone.
you are really-really-really-really-millions really-ordinary-even-further-moooooooore-ordinary-than the ordinary other day!!

you are so ordinary, and I'm sad.
I'm sad. then my tears start to appear, and gone, it's go on to continues. lucky I have no idea to suicide, arrrrh!

Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday.

I wish, I wish, I wish Allah hears our favors and prays, Amiin yaa Robbal'alamiin.

09.16 witt.

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